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Liane's original, signed, one of a kind work is currently displayed in over 72 businesses and private collections around the world.

Solo Permanent Exhibition of some of Liane's work at :
Forever Keepsakes Ltd. #3 117 Main Street in Airdrie!

Come meet Liane and view her work up close and personal at Forever Keepsakes Ltd. and The Spirit Within!

Liane Pinel

Fine Art and Photography


"I would like people to see just how much our individual choices can change our world with a ripple
effect just as water drops from the sky can effect the level of an ocean. We CAN make a
difference, one drop at a time. Let's go with the 'Flow'!"

Airdrie, Alberta artist/photographer Liane Pinel takes the tiny to the magnificent in a breath. Her
attention to the smallest details in her macro work and to the fantastic color and clarity of her
liquid in motion work leaves you wanting more.

Liane utilizes just about any liquid imaginable in her liquid in motion photography but prefers water
and the colours of life in motion it reflects and she captures each drop or ripple one at a
time. This gives her the ability to move around the motion quickly to capture different
perspectives and stay as much in the "flow" as the liquid itself. Her eye for the selective focus in
her macro work originally comes from the direction of her young daughter who loves all things
tinier than she is and wants to know how everything grows. The majority of Liane's photographs
are taken hand held. The tightly woven polyester fabric medium into which Liane's one of a kind
originals are dyed/printed is unique leaving her in a category unto herself.

Liane has been studying photography for the past 6 years and is totally self taught. She has
a natural eye and has found her own unique way of capturing the moment. Her love of art started at a
young age though her love of photography was born through the eyes of her children.

Subsidiaries of Liane Pinel Photography:

Liane Pinel's One of a Kind Photo Art on Fabric!™

Bubbles and Giggles™- Photography and Art Program for Children of All Ages!

-Candid Outdoor Photo Sessions for the Whole Family!

Memberships and Awards:

Winner of two People's Choice Awards at the

ARTember Art Show and Sale in Airdrie, AB on

Sept. 16th and 17th, 2011

The Airdrie ARTS Society, Airdrie, AB

May 12, 2011 Artist of the Week at Love+Water Designs

Solo Shows/Group Shows:

April 11-14th, 2013-Airdrie Home and Lifestyle Show-Genesis Place

Oct 10-Jan 12th, 2012 City Hall Airdrie, AB-Solo Showcase

Sept 14-15th, 2012-ARTS Round Up Cam Clark Ford, Airdrie, AB

April 28 &29th, 2012- Airdrie Home and Lifestyle Show-Genesis Place

September 2011-April 2012- Featured Artist

Anna's Cafe and Europa

Main Street

Airdrie, AB

December 31, 2010 Solo Showcase at Quincys on Seventh, Calgary, AB

May 13, 2011 at The Hungarian Culture Centre, Calgary, Alberta

Private Collections:

One of a Kind Sales Worldwide, signed and created on Fabric, held in private collections:

Over 70 unique, signed, one of a kind pieces sold to date as of Jan 1st, 2016

Published Photography and Licensed Art:

The Western Zodiac-12, The Chinese Zodiac-12, Power Animals-12, Medicine Wheel Totem Animals-44,
Dawn of Time™-Dinosaurs 14, Wisdom on Wing™-Butterflies and Moths 12,
Shades of Myth™-Creatures of Mythology-12. Over 112 individual creations that are being produced as
keychains, tshirts, mugs, air fresheners and paper products for stores all over North America!
Licensed exclusively by Thoughtful Angels and Friends-Drumheller, AB

Thoughtful Angels and Friends, 9 Angel Thoughts™ mini-books published and currently being sold
Canada wide- Drumheller, AB


Airdrie Art Walk 2011-Ralph McCall Elementary School Billboard-”One For All and All For One”-
Many Hands.

-a fantastic mural was completed using the painted hand print of every single child (over 700) in the



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