© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10309449: sacred space NEWEST ADDITIONS!        slide show (67)
The newest creations...enjoy!

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10303545: Crystal Kaleidoscope Were On Display at City Hall in Airdrie        slide show (4)
These pieces have all been produced and were showcased at City Hall in Airdrie for 4 months. They are currently hanging at Forever Keepsakes Ltd/The Spirit Within on Main St N in Airdrie and are available for immediate delivery. Please call 1-587-892-8811 for current prices and to arrange laway or pickup/delivery.

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10299160: Summer Pendant SOLD        slide show (61)
These images have been sold and are found as one-of-a-kind on walls all over the world!

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 12129902: tiger square The Spirit Within™ by Liane Pinel        slide show (111)
An enormous body of work representing over 4+ years of work with love to bring forward an inner awakening of your "spirit within!" Find the piece that resonates with your spirit...is it the Butterfly series..."Wisdom on Wing"? or maybe the Power Animals? Shades of Myth? Medicine Wheel totems? Roses, Roses? Whatever your spirit needs you will find it here...look within and awaken!

For licensing and product options including exclusivity please contact liane@lianepinelphotography.com.

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 12302944: The Spirit Within™ by Liane Pinel Forever Keepsakes™ by Liane Pinel        slide show (19)
New pieces of unique work in the same style as Power Unleashed will be placed here until they find a happy licensed home:) You will soon be able to see them and their sister line of products at www.ForeverKeepsakes.ca which will be launching the Forever Fairytales line of works as well on mugs, t-shirts, quilts and more! Come find your inner child and give the gift of Forever Keepsakes™

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 12699201: faery royalty Forever Fairytales™        slide show (12)
This collection of images is the launch of a new line of products that will be located at www.ForeverKeepsakes.ca as well as stores across Canada and US...that's the plan anyway:) Twelve fantastically re-created images based on the illustrations of artist Margaret Tarrant(1888-1959) and given new life and an added "spark" by Liane Pinel.

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 11753408: detail 3 Examples of Fabric Detail        slide show (10)
A few images to show the detail that the fabric actually captures. You will be amazed when you let the light bounce off your new piece.

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 11586608: Soft Lily Collection-Through a Childs Eyes        slide show (10)
A special collection of thirty images split into three collections of ten images each that I saw through the eyes of my 5 year old daughter. She taught me to live life in the now and see the individual workings of these precious universally gifted moments.

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10299276: Curl in on Yourself Collection-Through a Child's Eyes 2        slide show (10)
A special collection of thirty images split into three collections of ten images each that I saw through the eyes of my 5 year old daughter. She taught me to live life in the now and see the individual workings of these precious universally gifted moments.

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10308951: Stuff Dreams Are Made Of Collection-Through a Childs Eyes 3        slide show (10)
A special collection of thirty images split into three collections of ten images each that I saw through the eyes of my 5 year old daughter. She taught me to live life in the now and see the individual workings of these precious universally gifted moments.

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10309491: Wild Ride Collection-The Ripple Effect        slide show (9)
I put this collection together to show just how one tiny drop in a pond can effect so much. Never forget that YOU are that drop and everything you do touches others beyond what you can see in this moment in time.

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10325609: Drop in Drop Reflection Collection- A Drop in Time        slide show (10)
A single drop captured midair...THAT is how fast time moves beyond you. Take the time to see the beauty in life, breathe and live in the now for hurrying toward a tomorrow that may never comes means that you miss what is before your eyes. LIFE!

Browse All Photos        slide show

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10325613: liquid candy Collection-Single        slide show (8)
Each tiny drop is a choice that YOU have made that can effect not just your life but the lives of millions. Being single does not mean being alone as we all connect to the infinite one drop at a time.

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 12103218: lush is life Collection-Butterflies        slide show (12)
This collection of butterfly images are available from 12" x 18" x 2" up to 40" X 60" X 2" on fabric at 1/3 of the one of a kind price because they will not be one of a kind signed prints but produced for all those that want them on fabric as well as note cards, laminated prints and framed prints. For every type of print except fabric please go here:

For a fabric print please email me at lianepinel@gmail.com with your size request or call me at 1-587-892-8811 to place your order.

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 11364193: Adorned Magickal Faeries        slide show (9)
I have added a bit of magick to some of my photographs that simply captured that little girl side of me that will forever love faeries/fairies. I Believe!

Each image is my own photograph with a tiny magickal creature added. Unless specified and purchased as one-of-a-kind these magickal faeries are open edition and are available on fabric unsigned in all sizes as well as giclee prints through various partner sites. The sold faeries up to this point are all one of a kinds. Sold as one of a kinds they will be pulled from here and placed into the SOLD gallery but ONLY if another has not yet been printed. YOU decide...do you want to keep her all to yourself? Better buy her quick then before I print her on a poster and she becomes everyone's favorite fae!

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10309362: spice Liquid in Motion        slide show (210)
Mesmerizing, colorful and as unique as a snowflake! Enjoy the journey!

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10456139: spirit of lily Micro Macro Still Photography-Life and ...        slide show (92)
The world at it tiniest and most beautiful! Be enchanted with the little things in life!

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10308659: blood red Long        slide show (37)
The perfect shape for that hard to decorate hallway in any home of office!

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10308599: globes square print Square        slide show (17)
A perfect square will fit almost anywhere!

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10592177: Sky of Fire Cloudscapes        slide show (7)
Nature gives us beauty in the tiny things but also in the largest of things! Looks to the skies for cloudscapes that take your breath away! Sunsets and summer days, giant storm clouds that are both threatening and beautiful!

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 11776834: Bubbles and Giggles™        slide show (2)
Candid smiles are the absolute best kind of smile! Caught when laughter is bubbling out naturally! A few examples of the Bubbles and Giggles™ program. If a client gives permission to use a photo as a testimonial it will go here. These photos are NOT to be reproduced in any way except by the client.

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 11548787: fushiaglowweb Glowing Images        slide show (14)
Amazing glow...spot light or back light for amazing effect!

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 12201298: Animals, Animals!        slide show (1)
Power animals and spirit animals as well as a few cute critters! Let your spirit guide you!

Most of these paintings were created from the original photography of Liane Pinel at the fabulous Calgary Zoo and then digitally painted to create a uniquely spiritual energy art piece! Find your Spirit Within today!

Ask about product and licensing options including exclusivity! Email liane@lianepinelphotography.com for more information!

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 10325609: Drop in Drop Reflection For Your Consideration (private)        slide show (33)
I am honoured to have you consider these fine art photos for inclusion to your product line. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

© Liane  Pinel PhotoID# 14931917: t-rex roar small The Dawn of Time by Liane Pinel (private)        slide show (13)
For your consideration, a series of works which may be licensed for exclusive use made with a vision for the future based on your research into our past.


Amazing, colorful, mesmerizing! Each image as unique as a fingerprint. Enjoy the journey!
Keep in mind that you have NEVER seen anything like this before! Each image is a TRUE one-of-a-kind original photograph dyed INTO the tightly woven fabric(unlike canvas which is printed ONTO it) then stretched over a solid wood frame and wired, ready to hang! The image is only produced ONCE on fabric, for YOU, the way you ordered it and will NEVER be produced on fabric again! Liane signs the piece and it is shipped directly to you! An investment in a work of true art to hand down for generations!

 © Liane Pinel  

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